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August 24 2023

LucidHealth sees continued growth amongst remote-based physicians

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Interpreting more than 500,000 studies annually, LucidSolutionsTM continues to expand, with additional radiology service contracts and introduction of a partnership track in coming months.

Columbus, OH -- Three years after launching nationwide virtual practice, private equity-backed LucidHealth sees continued growth amongst remote-based physician workforce.

Three years after establishing their virtual practice LucidSolutionsTM, private equity-backed LucidHealth continues to build their integrated and teleradiology-supported workforce to meet the increasing demand for remote-based radiology services. Having grown to over 75 radiologists licensed across 47 states, the practice anticipates adding an additional 15 physicians prior to the close of 2023. The group will also introduce a two-year partnership track to current and incoming LucidSolutionsTM radiologists beginning in January 2024.

“Four years ago, the LucidHealth Physician Executive Council and our leadership team began conceptualizing a virtually driven radiology solution,” shared Asif Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer for LucidHealth. “The initial approach was to utilize our proprietary technology, RadAssist®, to clinically integrate the LucidHealth practice network, creating a marketplace to efficiently share a shrinking pool of resources, especially within various subspecialties.”

This concept, which grew into the LucidSolutionsTM practice, hired its first radiologist in early 2020. The high-growth practice saw the interest in remote-based radiology services initially accelerate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, during this time a vast majority of radiologists were forced to navigate to a primarily remote-based reading environment.

“We were already beginning to establish the framework of LucidSolutionsTM at this time,” stated David Grau, Chief Strategy Officer for LucidHealth. “As we came out of the pandemic and began to reassess the state of radiology post-COVID, the flexibility of the LucidSolutionsTM best positioned us to provide the highest level of care for current and new customers.”

Currently, more than three-quarters of LucidSolutionsTM radiologists practice in remote environments. The practice also employs on-site radiologists to deliver scalable and comprehensive support for a variety of care site partners.

Offering industry-leading compensation, proprietary IT infrastructure, increased flexible scheduling, the opportunity to read from a home workstation, and the ability to focus primarily on their subspecialty, LucidSolutionsTM has quickly become a nationally recognized leader in the teleradiology space. Interpreting more than 500,000 studies annually, the group continues to expand, with additional radiology service contracts being added later this year.

With more than 80% of healthcare systems reporting shortages in radiology departments, the globally felt radiologist shortage continues to increase competition for a shrinking number of candidates available for highly in-demand positions.

“Our future depends on continuing to attract and retain the best radiologists,” stated Peter Lafferty, MD, practice president for LucidSolutionsTM and Chief of Physician Integration for LucidHealth. “We are constantly re-examining our benefits and our structure. There is a need for radiologists who are committed to long-term success and who are interested in shaping the landscape of our virtual practice moving forward; becoming a partner offers this unique opportunity.”

LucidSolutionsTM will begin offering a two-year partnership track beginning in January 2024.